Sunday, December 27, 2015


Appam is a popular food in kerala .It's made with rice,cooked rice ,urad dhal and coconut.These are made with Appachatti and are usually bowl shaped. I do have appachatti but my stove has coils,so i make it with non stick pan.


Raw rice - 1 cup
idli rice-1/8 cup
urad dhal -1 tsp
cooked rice- a handful
coconut-grated 1 cup
baking soda-1/8 tsp

  • Rinse & Soak raw rice,idli rice,urad dhal for about 3 hours.
  • Grind it in a mixie or blender with coconut ,cooked rice and water (add little by little)
  • You can also use coconut water instead of water.
  • Don't overgrind,when you rub the batter it should have slight grainy texture.
  • Keep side the batter overnight for fermentation
  • 5 minutes before making appam add  salt and baking soda.
  • Batter should not be too thick or thin.
  • Heat the pan and rub it with oil or spray evenly.
  • Pour the batter using deep ladle in center of the pan and rotate the pan so it spreads evenly.
  • Cover the pan with lid and cook it until its done and the base is light golden color.
  • Serve hot with coconut chutney,sweetened coconut milk,mutton or chicken kurma,kadala curry......

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